Spring Auction Underway!

Going once, going twice, SOLD! Our much anticipated Spring Auction is rocking and rolling over on Facebook auctions. Chick out (pun intended) our lovely assortment of spring themed doxie goods, dog toys, and other treasures to cherish. Best of all, auction proceeds are directly applied toward the important work DAFR does to save the lives of our four legged friends. Hop on over to our auction page and start bidding!

Dachshunds and Friends Rescue Auctions on Facebook > Click Here

Our amazing Faith goes on TV’s “The Doctors”

Faith “the Chiweenie” recently got some special air time on TV’s “The Doctors” making her true Hollywood debut. A very heartwarming and inspiring segment was shared by the international TV show sharing Faith’s absolutely incredible weight loss story and how she was supported on that journey. Check out some never before seen footage and interviews about all the hard work she put in to shed the pounds and the positive attitude she never lost.

The Doctors – Morbidly Obese Chiweenie Faith Hits Her Goal Weight

Big thanks to all our friends who saved Faith’s life and continue to support the work of Dachshunds and Friends Rescue – we couldn’t do this work with you.

Luck of the Dachshund 🍀

Make it a doggie’s lucky day!

With a recent intake of dogs to the rescue, your support is needed now more than ever. You can make a significantly positive impact in our dogs lives by skipping over to our Etsy stores and shopping for adorable St. Patrick’s Day goodies to dress up your self or your home. Something for you and something for the dogs, everyone scores!

100% proceeds from sales goes to assist DAFR’s mission.

Etsy Shop for DAFR by Lisa Cooley

Etsy Shop at DAFR Direct

NEW(!) Etsy Face Mask Fundraser

They’re here….We just kicked off a NEW mask fundraiser which can be found on our new Etsy page!

Thanks to the fabulous Dachshunds and Friends Rescue volunteers, we’ve got a fresh Fall crop of fashionable doxie masks ripe for the picking. We have a variety of beautiful dachshund, floral, and other cute cotton fabrics, made with two layers of cotton with interfacing in the middle, and some masks available also have adjustable ear straps for comfort. They are perfect for social distancing in style but not medical grade. These handcrafted masks are $20.00 (includes shipping) and funds go to supporting vaccines, spay / neutering, dental, advanced medical procedures, behavioral training, and rehabilitation efforts – all the things rescue dogs need and deserve.

With the convenience of our new storefront on Etsy, you can pay directly through the Etsy site. All styles and availability are listed directly on the item, making purchasing super simple! Please note mask orders take 1 – 2 weeks. Click HERE to tootle on over to our Etsy store.

Be the envy of your office, get noticed at the grocery store, or just be your chic self wherever mask wearing is recommended. Thank you so much for your support!

DAFR Face Mask Fundraser

Happy Spring to all our friends!

Our wonderful volunteers have been stitching some fantastic face masks to raise funds for Dachshunds and Friends Rescue! We have beautiful dachshund cotton fabric. The masks have two layers of cotton with interfacing in the middle. They are perfect for social distancing in style but not medical grade. These handcrafted masks are $20.00 (includes shipping) and funds go to supporting vaccines, spay / neutering, dental, advanced medical procedures, behavioral training, and rehabilitation efforts – all the things rescue dogs need and deserve.

You can arrange to get a mask by sending us a Direct Message on Facebook or by emailing dachshundsandfriendsrescue@gmail.com, although Facebook is preferred for this fundraiser. Let us know if you want to purchase a mask and we’ll work out the details such as fabric selection, sizing, payment, and shipping. Please note mask orders take 1 – 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for your support!


Holiday Auction Starts Soon!

The final moments of our auction are near. Get your bids in before 8PM PST on Wed Dec 4.


Our annual Christmas Facebook Auctions is neigh! This year we have lots of adorable doxie and regular holiday themed house wares, costumes, decorations and more. Don’t miss the chance to score some good loot. If you’re not already, join our auction page on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1248478565247477/

The auction will start in a few days so keep your eyes peeled because it won’t last long.


All I Want for Christmas…is Bean Goods!

Wienerful news for every good boy and girl…and the naughty ones, too! The weenanistas over at Bean Goods are putting a little something in our stockings this year…

It’s no secret that Bean Goods are now icons for fashion lovers and crazy doxie people alike, and this Dox-mas season their spirit of giving is extended to us. All through November and December, 15% of sales from the “A Little Wiener Christmas Adoption” shirts will be donated to support Dachshunds and Friends Rescue. We couldn’t be more honored to be included in their philanthropic efforts.

These extremely adorable shirts come in two different designs, the heather grey sweatshirt pictured above and the rosey red baseball t-shirt below. Bean Goods’ shirts are notably comfy but this particular shirt runs about 1 – 2 sizes small. Best of all, they are clear front runners for any kooky holiday shirt contest.

You don’t need a promo code to buy these shirts on behalf of the rescue BUT if you want to score an extra 10% off ALL Bean items available we’ve got the tea. Our super star volunteer, Bianca Edgar is an official “Weenbassador” for Bean Goods and spilled the beans (not sorry for the pun) on her exclusive discount code. Everything you purchase on Bean Goods gets a 10% discount when you use the promo code beangoodsrules at checkout. They sell a lot more than just women’s clothes, it’s doxie frocks, home goods and more – we love all their unique designs and frequently stalk their website for what’s new!

Be sure to tag us in your Dox-mas shirts and start following Bean Goods on social media (they are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) or get on their mailing list. We’re serious about that, their emails are super cute and have special sales, definitely a breath of fresh air for any inbox.

Big thank you to Bianca, Bean Goods and all our friends that nominated us to be selected. We love our community and are tremendously blessed to have so much support.



Due to requests en mass, Bean Goods added a Unisex version of the t-shirt to the collection in Green, WOOHOO! The Unisex shirts fit more true to size, according to the Bean Goods website, so it’s perfect for the whole family and thank you for supporting!


Cuteness Alert!


And she shall be called, Faith! Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in her name game. Her new life is already off to a great start. Follow Faith’s foster journey via Instagram on her personal handle @faiththechiweenie for more updates on this full figured beauty. ❤️❤️❤️

Original Post

We are over the moon about this adorable curvy girl, she just came to us from the City of Stockton Animal Shelter. Even though she’s got some healthy weight goals to achieve, she’s still young at around 7-8 years old and has the sweetest personality.

The only thing missing, is an AWESOME name to match everything else about her. That’s where YOU come in.

Make a $20 donation through our Donation Page then head to our Facebook page and scroll down to the post in the image below to leave your perfect name suggestion in the comments. All names must be posted by Oct 27th to be considered, so hurry and tell your friends!

Buddy – Every Life is Important


4-year-old dachshund Buddy was surrendered to a shelter by his family after becoming paralyzed in the hind quarters due to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

Donate to Buddy’s Care

Buddy dragged himself around his home and then at the kennel at the shelter for nearly a month without any ability to use his back legs. Thankfully one of the staff members at the animal shelter took Buddy home to care for him while attempting to find a rescue. We, at Dachshunds and Friends Rescue, were contacted in hopes that we could rescue this little man. Before we could say yes we had to find a qualified foster. This is when our fabulous volunteer and foster extraordinaire Jannie Baker stepped up and didn’t hesitate to foster Buddy. Jannie owns two dachshunds that have recovered from IVDD and has the necessary knowledge to care for Buddy. Once we received Buddy we saw the wounds on his back legs and feet from dragging himself on the floor. It was a pitiful sight and extremely hard to watch him drag himself. There are some things that can really affect even a seasoned rescuer and this is one of them. Buddy was immediately put in a crate to limit his movement. Our goal was to get Buddy the care he needed. Within a day and a half, we got him in to see a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon at a specialty hospital.

Buddy had an MRI which showed he needed surgery right away. That same evening (1/4/18) Buddy went into surgery. He was found to have fibrous matter encasing his spinal cord at the L12/L13 injury area. His doctor had never seen anything that extreme and thought it was a mixture of blood and disc gel that somehow combined together to create this matter. His surgeon had to slowly peel back and remove layers of the substance. By the end of the surgery, he was able to remove 80%. The substance will be biopsied.

Buddy is resting after surgery. He will need several months of recovery and rehab. We will know more over the next few days, weeks and months. Odds are in this little guy’s favor. Prayers for sweet Buddy.

Since we didn’t have time to raise the funds needed for this very expensive surgery we had to pay the $4,600 down payment with our credit card. We need to raise money to pay off the down payment and remaining balance. We are hoping you can make a donation to help us pay off our debt. Any amount would truly be appreciated.

We can’t do this alone……..it takes a village in the rescue world.

Donate to Buddy’s Care

Donate to Buddy’s Care