22196072_1133161916816803_8598348137179452249_nWe are happy to announce our new partnership with Bryant Rueckner of FundRite Mortgage Inc. As a dachshund owner himself, he wanted to give back to an organization that he believes in. As of today, he will be offering his services on refinancing and home purchases and will give back a portion of his salary to Dachshunds and Friends Rescue. For every loan referred to him by our rescue, he will give 10% of his earnings back to the rescue as a donation. Additionally, the rescue will receive $150 for all of his other closings not associated with rescue referrals. This is a good opportunity for us to build up some extra money as we know these pups are in need of all the services they can get. So, for those of you out there that are in need of a home loan or need to refinance your home, please give Bryant a call and mention the rescue’s name so that we can take advantage of this big opportunity! To start off the many donations, he will be presenting us a check for $500. Bryant Rueckner can be contacted via the phone numbers listed in the image above.

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