4-year-old dachshund Buddy was surrendered to a shelter by his family after becoming paralyzed in the hind quarters due to Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

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Buddy dragged himself around his home and then at the kennel at the shelter for nearly a month without any ability to use his back legs. Thankfully one of the staff members at the animal shelter took Buddy home to care for him while attempting to find a rescue. We, at Dachshunds and Friends Rescue, were contacted in hopes that we could rescue this little man. Before we could say yes we had to find a qualified foster. This is when our fabulous volunteer and foster extraordinaire Jannie Baker stepped up and didn’t hesitate to foster Buddy. Jannie owns two dachshunds that have recovered from IVDD and has the necessary knowledge to care for Buddy. Once we received Buddy we saw the wounds on his back legs and feet from dragging himself on the floor. It was a pitiful sight and extremely hard to watch him drag himself. There are some things that can really affect even a seasoned rescuer and this is one of them. Buddy was immediately put in a crate to limit his movement. Our goal was to get Buddy the care he needed. Within a day and a half, we got him in to see a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon at a specialty hospital.

Buddy had an MRI which showed he needed surgery right away. That same evening (1/4/18) Buddy went into surgery. He was found to have fibrous matter encasing his spinal cord at the L12/L13 injury area. His doctor had never seen anything that extreme and thought it was a mixture of blood and disc gel that somehow combined together to create this matter. His surgeon had to slowly peel back and remove layers of the substance. By the end of the surgery, he was able to remove 80%. The substance will be biopsied.

Buddy is resting after surgery. He will need several months of recovery and rehab. We will know more over the next few days, weeks and months. Odds are in this little guy’s favor. Prayers for sweet Buddy.

Since we didn’t have time to raise the funds needed for this very expensive surgery we had to pay the $4,600 down payment with our credit card. We need to raise money to pay off the down payment and remaining balance. We are hoping you can make a donation to help us pay off our debt. Any amount would truly be appreciated.

We can’t do this alone……..it takes a village in the rescue world.

Donate to Buddy’s Care

Donate to Buddy’s Care


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