They’re here….We just kicked off a NEW mask fundraiser which can be found on our new Etsy page!

Thanks to the fabulous Dachshunds and Friends Rescue volunteers, we’ve got a fresh Fall crop of fashionable doxie masks ripe for the picking. We have a variety of beautiful dachshund, floral, and other cute cotton fabrics, made with two layers of cotton with interfacing in the middle, and some masks available also have adjustable ear straps for comfort. They are perfect for social distancing in style but not medical grade. These handcrafted masks are $20.00 (includes shipping) and funds go to supporting vaccines, spay / neutering, dental, advanced medical procedures, behavioral training, and rehabilitation efforts – all the things rescue dogs need and deserve.

With the convenience of our new storefront on Etsy, you can pay directly through the Etsy site. All styles and availability are listed directly on the item, making purchasing super simple! Please note mask orders take 1 – 2 weeks. Click HERE to tootle on over to our Etsy store.

Be the envy of your office, get noticed at the grocery store, or just be your chic self wherever mask wearing is recommended. Thank you so much for your support!