Meet the pack looking for their furever families!
Lucky Lou
Mikki Mouse



Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund
Age: Adult, 8 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Chocolate / Brown
House Trained: Yes
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date

Meet Lucky Lou – this frosty 8 year old is very active. He loves going for walks and exploring but as soon as he comes home he finds his nearest toy and plays for another 20 minutes or so then snoozes. He is great off leash with all dogs so far but on leash he announces his presence by barking. We really should have named him Shadow as he loves to follow his foster mom around the house. He is great in the car, just sits in the back seat and doesn’t make a sound. He is quickly learning “go to mark – wait wait wait” before going out the front door for his walks. Lucky would love to find a forever home with tons of toys and a spot on the couch. He is house trained but has had a couple of mistakes which is not uncommon in a new environment.
Bring Home Lucky Lou – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix
Age: Senior, Appx 8 – 10 years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Apricot / Beige
House Trained: Uses dog door, still training
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date

I’m Luki, the basic beige Chiweenie. Well I’m officially on the market for a new family. Here I am eating my carrot in one picture. I love my veggies.

Here’s the deets on me:

* dumped at the shelter by my loser family. Their loss my gain in the end. I was locked up in the pokey for three weeks.
* saved by none other than Dachshunds and Friends Rescue.
*was sick with kennel cough for a week but I’m all better.
*shelter said I am 13 but foster mom and vet think I’m more like 8+.
*less than 10 pounds.
*I sleep all night in my own bed or the big bed.
*I’ve learned the dog door and let myself out for potty time. When I first came I peed in the house because I lived my life outside. I’m much better now…..not perfect….but better. I’m a fast learner and a work in progress.
*I love my toys. I’m good at what I do…..shred them.
*I love my foster siblings. I don’t cause any trouble.
*I love foster mom and dad and look forward to them coming home everyday.

So if you’re looking for a well rounded basic beige chiweenie, I’m your guy. Please give me a chance.
Bring Home Luki – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund
Age: Senior, 9 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Chocolate / White BiColor
House Trained: Mostly, Still in Training
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date

Mikki Mouse spent the first nine years of his life with a breeder. Now it is his time to have a family who will give him lots of love.
Mikki is very easy to please. He just wants to eat and hang out with his person. He is not needy and does NOT have separation anxiety. He is very quiet. He has been in his foster home for three months and has only barked once (true story!). He is working on his potty training.
Mikki gets along great with his foster dog siblings. He is just a super sweet natured boy.
Mikki does take seizure medication. He is now seizure free. He has a grade 3/6 heart murmur and was recently treated for a mild case of IVDD.
Please don’t let his medical issues stop you from giving Mikki a forever home. He is a gem.
Bring Home Mikki Mouse – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Terrier / Dachshund Mix
Age: Adult, 2 – 3 Years
Gender: Female
Coat & Color: Medium Length, White with black dappling
House Trained: Yes
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date

Molly came to the rescue on 6/24/18 with 5 six day old puppies. Her family was moving and planned on taking her and the babies to the shelter. While they were moving the little family was left outside on a patio in a cardboard box with clumps and pieces of foam in it…….not even a blanket!!!  They were left for a day or more at a time!!!  How could we say no!!!

Molly is some sort of little terrier mix. She is long and low to the ground so she might be part Doxie but who knows. She weighs around 10 pounds. She is black and white with black dapples on the white. She has brown eyebrows, cheek spots and a little brown in her beard. She has a scruffy coat.

Molly was not treated very well by her owners. The neighbor who helped save this little girl said she had heard them yelling at her and then would hear her cry out or yelp. She was allowed to roam the neighborhood unaltered, unvaccinated, and unsupervised in a high traffic area. She was left for over a week in the apartment ALONE while they went on vacation!!! Despite all of this she is a friendly, sweet, lovable girl. She loves to have her tummy scratched and will roll over for that any time….lol. Dogs are so amazing and forgiving. They are just looking for love.
Bring Home Molly – Adoption Info Here
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