Meet the pack looking for their furever families!

Olive Oyl



Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund
Age: Senior, Appx 13 years
Gender: Female
Coat & Color: Short Length, Red / Chestnut / Orange
House Trained: Yes, but is still doing some training
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date + Needs care to manage skin, by bathing with medicated shampoo.

Annie was surrendered to rescue when her owner had to go to assisted living. She was deeply loved, but suffered from neglect, and responded quickly to treatment for the yeast infection on her skin and in her ears. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccinations. She had to have all but one of her remaining teeth removed but does just fine with canned food and loves treats like bits of cooked chicken. Annie is on the petite side, has a gentle, sweet disposition, gets along with other dogs, loves her walks and does well on her leash. She does well with children. She has never lived with cats. Annie is on the quiet side but will bark if someone knocks at the door. She loves to curl up in your lap, but this senior has a sassy side to her as well! Sometimes before bedtime she gets the zoomies and will romp around the house or play a little game of “try to catch me”. She likes to sleep on the big bed under the sheets, or if that is not allowed, settles in nicely in her own bed. She is working on her potty training in her new foster environment. She will go potty outside when let out or on walks.
Bring Home Annie – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund
Age: Senior, Appx 10 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Brown and White
House Trained: Yes, but does some marking.
Health: Neutered + Vaccinations Up to Date + Blind

Bridges is you classic old man, loves to take  naps, eat dinner at 4 in the afternoon and mainly just lays low most of the day. Bridges is a special doxie because he is blind – but don’t let that scare you off. Blind dogs are incredibly resilient and use their other senses to figure things out. Bridges can find his was all the way from the bedroom (his normal all day hang out spot) to the back sliding door to go outside all by himself! He usually will need some help coming back inside because the yard is just too big for him to know where to go but that’s ok you just pick him up and go. At at a tiny 8 pounds that’s no problemo. Bridges would make a wonderful companion for a retired couple or single person that works from home who just wants a companion around to love on. Bridges loves to be held like a baby, he will fall fast asleep in your arms. When I’ve had a hard day at work I love to pick him up and hold him- he helps melt my stress away.
Bring Home Bridges – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Medium, Dachshund
Age: Adult, Appx 5 – 7 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Long Length, Black / Tan
House Trained: Yes
Health: Neutered + Vaccinations Up to Date + Special Needs, takes medication for seizures

On April 19th, Chuy was found by a Good Samaritan inside a lake with his head barely above water. He was freezing, weak, wobbly, and very heavy. Upon further inspection he had thick mats in his fur and foxtails and debris all over his body. He was taken to the vet where it was found that he had a severe ear infection.

The following day he had his first seizure and the day after that he had a second seizure. He was taken back to the vet and was given a phenobarbital shot, a sedative and two foxtails were removed from his ear.

Through his microchip, Chuy’s two previous owners were found. Neither wanted him back. Both knew about his seizures. It was even difficult to get any information from them as they weren’t interested in helping with the situation.

Dachshunds and Friends Rescue took Chuy into the Rescue. He had further surgery to get a foxtail removed and a dental. His ear infection has finally cleared up, he is on meds for his seizures (which haven’t completely resolved) but have improved. It’s just something that he will live with as many dogs do. He’s only had three over the last several months. He is easy to care for, just needs meds twice daily. All blood work and X-rays are normal. He has been groomed and is quite handsome.

He is between 5-7 years old, cuddly, follows his foster parents everywhere they go, loves toys, car rides, belly rubs, other dogs, and appears to like cats, too. He is 100% potty trained. He sleeps in his own bed or the big bed. When we say they don’t come any sweeter, this is not an exaggeration with Chuy. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Due to his sweet and passive nature, Chuy will need a home with no dominate or alpha dogs. Other passive dogs like himself would be great for him. We can’t stress enough how mild mannered this little man is.

The best time of his day is meal time. He dances like John Travolta when he’s waiting for his dinner. It is best that his human be home more often than not due to his medical condition. He’s couch surfing in Burbank California.
Bring Home CHUY – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Medium, Dachshund
Age: Adult, 3.5 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Apricot / Beige
House Trained: Yes, but does some marking.
Health: Neutered + Vaccinations Up to Date

Diego came with his beautiful sister, Valentina from Mexicali. He’s had blood work, fecal and urinalysis testing done and everything came back great. He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and ready for a new home. He is very active, playful and love attention. Diego does some marking and sometimes can get into things left out but this is minimal. He is very sweet dogs and the only aggressive behavior I have seen is toy guarding……..he LOVES toys and balls. His 3.5 years old, and 28 pounds. He needs an active household with other young dogs and a yard. His sister Valentina, was adopted by another family. If you are interested get your applications in soon.
Bring Home Diego – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Terrier / Dachshund Mix
Age: Adult, 2 – 3 Years
Gender: Female
Coat & Color: Medium Length, White with black dappling
House Trained: Yes
Health: Spayed + Vaccinations Up to Date

Molly came to the rescue on 6/24/18 with 5 six day old puppies. Her family was moving and planned on taking her and the babies to the shelter. While they were moving the little family was left outside on a patio in a cardboard box with clumps and pieces of foam in it…….not even a blanket!!!  They were left for a day or more at a time!!!  How could we say no!!!

Molly is some sort of little terrier mix. She is long and low to the ground so she might be part Doxie but who knows. She weighs around 10 pounds. She is black and white with black dapples on the white. She has brown eyebrows, cheek spots and a little brown in her beard. She has a scruffy coat.

Molly was not treated very well by her owners. The neighbor who helped save this little girl said she had heard them yelling at her and then would hear her cry out or yelp. She was allowed to roam the neighborhood unaltered, unvaccinated, and unsupervised in a high traffic area. She was left for over a week in the apartment ALONE while they went on vacation!!! Despite all of this she is a friendly, sweet, lovable girl. She loves to have her tummy scratched and will roll over for that any time….lol. Dogs are so amazing and forgiving. They are just looking for love.
Bring Home Molly – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Medium, Australian Cattle Dog / Spaniel Mix
Age: Puppy, Less than 6 months
Gender: Female
Coat & Color: Medium Length, Black / Brown / White
House Trained: Wee pad trained but still in training
Health: Will be need spay when old enough, Vaccinations Up to Date

Olive Oyl has substantial puppy energy and loves to run around and play. She also will need a lot of toys to chew on and things to do. She is very active, extremely smart, and understands when she is being disciplined. She would be great with another dog that she can run around wrestle with. The herding nature is strong and makes her occasionally nip at peoples ankles and she should be trained not to do that. She will definitely excel when given a job or task. It’s the nature of the breed. She is a hard worker and has great work ethics. She is wee wee pad trained. Refer to her DNA chart in the pictures.
Bring Home Olive Oyl – Adoption Info Here
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