Meet the pack looking for their furever families!

Doug E. Dug



Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund Mix
Age: Adult, Appx 6 Years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, Red / Chestnut / Orange
House Trained: Yes
Health: Neutered + Vaccinations Up to Date

Doug is still looking for his forever home.

Doug E. Dug spent a whole month in the shelter on the medical ward. He had a broken leg that was repaired with surgery and a cast. Because he was in the medical ward he was not seen by the public and therefore over looked. Dachshunds and Friends Rescue heard about Doug and came to the rescue. Doug went straight to the vet for an exam on his leg. It was found that his leg was healing well. After another month in the cast, Doug was finally cleared for adoption.

We believe Doug is a six year old Dachshund mix…….not sure what he’s mixed with. He’s about 20 pounds of sweetness. He loves toy time, ball time, lap time, wrestling, walks and naps. He gets along well with all dogs. Although Doug shows no signs of being abused or neglected, we think he was probably an outside dog. He has learned the doggie door and will need continued reinforcement.

Doug is leery of strangers at first but once he gets to know them they are his best friends. He would be best in a home with older, mature children.
Bring Home Doug E. Dug – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund
Age: Adolescent, appx 9 months
Gender: Female
Coat & Color: Short Length, Apricot / Beige
House Trained: Yes
Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Up to Date

In September 2019 I was notified of some dogs in Tijuana that were in trouble. An elderly man had been caring for some strays at a work yard where he is the night watchman. This included a mom dog, 2 other pregnant females and 7 puppies. Our rescue agreed to take them but before we got them safe with our rescue, one puppy died and another was hit but a car. ???. Little Rosie was the puppy hit by the car. ??? She was taken to a vet in TJ the same day. She was having trouble walking and seemed to have a hip problem. X-RAYS did not indicate any a break. It seemed like it was just a contusion and she seemed to recover. As time progressed she started limping and so we took her to the vet again. Essentially the blood flow to the head of the femur was cut off so the bone there starts to die. She would require surgery to remove the damaged bone at head of the femur. The prognosis of surgery is great, when the healing & scarring is complete she should be good.

Rosie has had the surgery and is doing very well. She is putting weight on her leg, running, playing and ready for her new home. Rosie has some dog aggression and will need a home willing to work with her. She barks at other dogs and gets very defensive but will quickly back down with correction. The TJ dogs were basically living on their own, fighting for food, just having to survive, and they learned that other dogs could pose a threat to them. She is very sweet with people.
Bring Home Rosie – Adoption Info Here
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Size & Breed: Small, Dachshund & Chihuahua Mix
Age: Adult 4 – 7 years
Gender: Male
Coat & Color: Short Length, White / Cream / Tan
House Trained: Yes
Health: Neutered + Vaccinations Up to Date

Walnut is a couch potato, loves treats will eat anything that’s offered to him from apples to carrots to kibble and doggie treats. He likes to burrow under a blanket. He is not very active and does not care for long walks. He has been living with other dogs cats and even a guinea pig. He would do best in an environment where someone can be with him the majority of the day, he gets crated at night and has a big fluffy bed with extra blankets. Is very mild-mannered. As far as dachshunds goes barks minimally.
Bring Home Walnut – Adoption Info Here
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